It is a well-known fact that design is undoubtedly one of the ‘ingredients’ to create a successful product.
Hotech have always invested a lot in design, resorting to the best international designers who are experts in the sector; they are to devise solutions with a high aesthetic value to offer a of range of products that is constantly updated and in line with the latest trends in style and in architecture.

Creativity and style have always been the strong points of the Made-in-Italy heritage. So, innovative technologies and appealing shapes are always present in Hotech products that create a close and emotional bond with customers.
To duly blend technical advances that result in new functions and the perfect appearance means to come out to the market at the right time offering top design and items of unquestionable value. Items that clearly respond to the needs identified and provide a true technology break-through in the industry by epitomizing the winning concept of ‘beautiful and practical’.

Artigianato Made in Italy
Tecnologia termoarredi Hotech design
Ecologia e rispetto per l'ambiente
Tubi rame termoarredi Hotech design


Quality, the sustainability of materials, design, project culture, Made in Italy and, in many cases, luxury constitute the great added value of Hotech radiators.



One of the secrets of Hotech’s success lies in the advanced technological manufacturing applied for making radiators.



Choosing a Made in Italy product represents an ethical, informed choice, given the fact that the regulations governing production on the Italian territory guarantee standards that respect nature as a whole: the ground, the atmosphere, watercourses, people and all living beings.



All radiators made by Hotech come in two energy options- heating (hydraulic) only and an electric only. Both feature exclusive and fine-tuned technology that has been optimized so that these designer radiators are unique and unequalled.