Artigianato Made in Italy

Quality, the sustainability of materials, design, project culture, Made in Italy and, in many cases, luxury constitute the great added value of Hotech radiators.

An essential aspect is mainly represented by artisan manufacturing capacity, which is guaranteed by Hotech thanks to the strong product expertise developed over the years; this is the know-how that has enabled the company to reach and maintain a high position in the market. Professionalism as a result of experience and of its own values, but also of constant research, which materialises in continuous innovation.

The Made in Italy artisan art goes beyond the barriers set by standardised products, in order to offer customers a high level of customisation for radiators. When you choose a Hotech product, you are not merely purchasing a simple object, just like so many others, but rather an element fruit of the combination of creativity, technique and emotions; the skilful hands of Italian artisans give life to masterpieces that are unique in their kind, paying attention to every little detail. Every single detail has a long story to be told, and it is precisely this what makes Hotech radiators so sophisticated and refined.

Hotech Design Radiators live very intensely their relationship with their country, love for the Italian culture, expressed with concrete acts, such as the recovery of ancient techniques like the precious gilding with ‘Gold Leaf’, which would otherwise be lost.

Each piece manufactured by Hotech is the result of a unique experience, a path made up of countless different ingredients: emotions, design, tradition and research, but also of collaboration, comparison and listening to customers.
When the modern designers working for Hotech come across the extraordinary properties of 100% Italian artisan manufacturing, timeless masterpieces hallmarked by contemporary luxury are born.

Writing ‘Made in Italy’ is not enough: Hotech have full control of its production chain; it selects suppliers and collaborators from the territory, and it guarantees that each of the steps making up the production process is carried out in Italy, following precise quality criteria.