Ecologia e rispetto per l'ambiente

Choosing a Made in Italy product represents an ethical, informed choice, given the fact that the regulations governing production on the Italian territory guarantee standards that respect nature as a whole: the ground, the atmosphere, watercourses, people and all living beings.

Hotech Design Radiators have explicitly decided to produce high-quality products, the manufacture and selected raw materials of which guarantee a long service life over time, maintaining their full operating functionality. Extending the life cycle of a product implicitly means reducing expenses and limiting the production of waste, for the benefit of the whole community.

Further energy saving is obtained thanks to the exclusive patents held by Hotech, which enable a significant reduction in the amount of water used (up to 30 times less) for the radiator operation, as well as high efficiency in the operating phase; all this results in a considerable decrease in consumption.

The authentic Made in Italy also meets all the other characteristics set by high European standards; the raw materials used, as well as all components, are safe for people, do not impair health and avoid the risk of allergies, contamination and incorrect operation.
Copper and aluminium – the materials of which Hotech radiators are made – are two of the most recyclable metals there have ever been: versatile and very elegant. Even processing waste is then collected, refined and reused in order to give life to new objects. In addition, all radiators are designed in such a way that these two noble metals can be easily separated and recycled, once the object has reached the end of its life cycle.
Hotech fully respect their workers. The purchaser can therefore be sure of not contributing to child labour, underpaid work or work carried out in poor safety conditions.

Hotech’s corporate philosophy is regulated by an internal, self-imposed Code of Ethics, to which managers, employees, suppliers and collaborators are bound. The reason behind this is that Hotech Design Radiators is a company looking to the future, with the precise objective of offering and transmitting customers new sustainability and ecology values, for a better world.