Tubi rame termoarredi Hotech design

All radiators made by Hotech come in two energy options- heating (hydraulic) only and an electric only. Both feature exclusive and fine-tuned technology that has been optimized so that these designer radiators are unique and unequalled.

The system uses up to 30 times less water than our competitors’ and its thermal performance is up to 20% higher compared to that in a traditional heater.
This results in single or double panel thermo-siphons that are slim and durable. The support structure is in fact made in one piece of sturdy aluminium.

The hydraulic version should be connected to an ordinary heating system to ensure proper supply. The heat radiation system is a solution patented by Hotech: a circuit of copper pipes fully integrated into a grooved plate made of sturdy aluminium following a layout specially designed via software to calculate capacity and implement outputs. The whole circuit is securely enclosed by applying a 100% mechanical process, and each radiator is cut from a main plate that is just 8-mm thick. No seams of any kind are used, not even in the piping or the support surface.
The combination of copper and aluminium guarantees that heat is perfectly and instantly transferred, which enhances the operation potential of the radiator. Copper offers a lot of advantages as well. It has antibacterial properties- and so it prevents the formation of micro-algae that would compromise the efficiency of the heating circuit-; it also shows excellent corrosion resistance, higher than that of steel and zinc-coated iron, and stands very acid waters.
The handcrafted manifolds where the copper pipes converge are made of ASIA 304 stainless steel. The valves used are 100% Made-in-Italy products that come in different galvanic finishes.

In the electric model, double insulated, class 2 resistors and 220 V are used. The special feature of Hotech electric radiators is that they are dry thermal devices, that is, there is no fluid that needs to be heated. Therefore, Hotech radiators do not require regular maintenance. These radiators come in 2 versions: A ‘standard electric’ (on-off) version to be used with home automation systems or those already equipped with a programmable thermostat, or a version with an optional Wife radio thermostat.

Both hydraulic and electric radiators come with a full kit of fittings, such as bespoke brackets that match the radiator finish, so that they can be readily mounted on the wall.