Tecnologia termoarredi Hotech design

One of the secrets of Hotech’s success lies in the advanced technological manufacturing applied for making radiators.

Radiators are obtained with a patented technique involving the three-dimensional processing of metal, by using complex technologies and high-level technical skills.
The exclusive use of noble, non-ferrous, highly conductive metals, such as aluminium and copper, coupled in a perfect manner – the way only Hotech can offer – guarantees high performance, quick operation and high efficiency, as well as constant energy saving.

By resorting to this production system, the thickness of the entire technological equipment could be reduced to only 8 millimetres; standing in front of a powerful radiator – as thin as a smartphone – reminds us that even the impossible can sometimes be achieved. With its products, Hotech have marked an evolutionary passage in the history of the production of radiators, for heating rooms in domestic and public areas.

The body of radiators is obtained by machining billet aluminium with sophisticated numerical control machines; each object is therefore characterised by durability, robustness and continuous efficiency, going beyond the standards existing in the market.
Long and scrupulous experimentation, which has enabled Hotech to achieve these objectives, has been largely rewarded. And it turns into a poetic application every time a designer translates it into games of shapes and lines. Any design can therefore be transformed into a thin object, with its entire surface maintaining its thermal transmission capacity unaltered and homogeneous.

A technological injection that generates elegant as well as practical objects, which are destined to become protagonists of modern design.

Reliability and constant quality over time are additional characteristics of Hotech radiators; as they are manufactured without joints and with first-quality materials, they are particularly resistant to the corrosion caused by highly acid fluids. Tested at an operating pressure of 15 bar, these radiators can be used in medium- and high-pressure networks.