A plus in Hotech Design Radiators production is the possibility of completely customising products, in order to guarantee customers’ full satisfaction.

Over the years, Hotech have increasingly expanded the existing range and has added new customisation possibilities, new accessories and equipment, thus putting an end to the age in which people had to settle for featureless, ugly, unwieldy, poor quality heaters.


There are no size limits for Hotech radiators. Tailor-made items built to suit the requirements and needs of our customers.

There are no standard sizes. Hotech technology is here to adapt to the most modern architecture scenarios and so the position of fittings and their distance between centres as well as the size and profile of each side can be changed.

termoarredo dimensioni personalizzate


Hotech has the only technology that can offer total product customization. Any shape and contour can be made upon request at different and personalized sizes. Single pieces or low volume applications made ad-hoc for a customer guaranteeing total quality and care for details.

Personalizzazione forme termoarredi


Every Hotech radiator can be personalized with a superficial engraving that be either black or ton sur ton.

A groove is made on the material by applying CNC milling, a technology that can reproduce any kind of logo, motif or pattern to make your radiator even more unique.

Incisione termoarredi di design

Cuts and holes

The surface of Hotech radiators can be shaped at will, through holes can be drilled, cuts and moulded milling can be made while keeping all the technical features and performance of the radiator unchanged, in the single-plate radiators as well as in the ‘double’ heating plate configuration.

Termoarredi fori e tagli


Design is intended to produce emotions, tell stories and create atmospheres. And that is why Hotech have included another touch of style in their radiators: a modern LED backlight that perfectly blend into the structure comes as an optional feature for all the models.

Retroilluminazione led termoarredi

Polished stainless steel

This system has been developed by Hotech: a 2mm-thick cover of repolished stainless steel, trimmed and shaped to perfectly adjust to the shape of the radiator, can be applied to any of the items in the catalogue as well as any personalized product. The result is the characteristic mirror-like effect of polished stainless steel.

termoarredo acciaio inox specchio


On the surface area of ​​the heated towel rail it is possible to reproduce drawings, writings or logos, through contrasting engravings, colored or tone on tone.

Termoarredo personalizzato con loghi e scritte


The variety of colours available for prompt delivery covers the whole RAL range; upon request, the company can also offer all the nuances of pantone colours, as well as the service involving the sampling and reproduction of a particular shade, starting from a physical sample.

There are also multiple artisan finishes, such as brushing and gold, silver and copper leaf laying, which is strictly made by hand, following ancient traditional techniques.

Finitura foglia oro termoarredi


A set of quality accessories, specially designed to adapt to the different models available, is supplied together with every Hotech radiator.

Towel rails and hangers made with remarkable craftsmanship as well as others specially designed elements to array the most exclusive products of the Hotech Design Radiators range.

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