Industrial Alu radiator design

Industrial Alu” is a news presented by Hotech Design , the radiators acquires and shows his true essence bringing the radiator to his natural primordiality .

This material is composed by billions of tiny scratches generated by the technique used to extract the plate from the raw material , at the touch the finishing results soft contrasting the expectation looking a similar surface .

The light has a particular mode to work on the plate generating strong contrast e reflections , making the radiator the true protagonist thanks to the high aesthetique impact .
The surface is treated with cure and attention this to guarantee the maximum reliability during the time conserving the best brilliance .

Despite the material is “ natural “ it doesn’t present any possibility of oxidation and corrosion from the first state of production but despite this Hotech has prepared a particular treatment for the surface.
All the radiator is cleaned and detailed before the treatment , after this process is applied a particular protection based on a nanotechnology that allows to our product to acquire characteristic like Hydrophobicity and oleo-phobicity removing the possibility to accumulate dirt and making more easy the cleaning process .

This treatment guarantees a protective layer against little scratches caused by the time and the several cleaning processes , this conserve the natural brilliance of the plate .

This finishing can be applied on every radiator of our collection and it can be used to create unique pieces on measure following the client’s taste .

The uniqueness of this material is merged to the essence of the Hotech’s products giving life to an exclusive radiator comparable to an art work .

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