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The ‘Hybrid Power’ system by Hotech is ‘the evolution of the species’: It combines two different technologies and different sources of energy. This results in a myriad of advantages that enhance the quality of both life and the environment.

The hybrid radiators designed by Hotech Design Radiators perfectly blend the hydronic and the electric systems into a highly compact hybrid system.

The two supply systems can work together or independently so that you can choose the generator that is more efficient according to the temperature and the energy requirements of the house, on a case-by-case basis. Hybrid radiators offer the right energy mix, a highly flexible solution that guarantees the best performance no matter the conditions while saving energy and providing ultimate comfort.

Hybrid Power by Hotech is a smart technology that offers three operation configurations: With water supplied via the central heating system, with electricity supplied by a CLASS 2, double insulated resistor and an independent dry thermal system, and with a combined supply system to achieve total heating power at quick response times.

When the weather is mild and during the seasons when the heating system is not being used, electricity is the best choice in terms of saving and responsiveness. When the ambient temperature drops and the central system is started, the hydronic mode is to be preferred. On the other hand, the double simultaneous supply helps to reach the highest heat efficiency, and so the highest energy efficiency classes, which leads to increased power and efficiency.

Both technologies are at your disposal to make the best possible use of renewable energy sources found in modern time homes, such as solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels. Therefore, a hybrid radiator is a sustainable choice that can cut down wastage and emissions.
A double energy system in a radiator also means twice as much reliability since operation and total comfort are guaranteed, even under critical conditions caused by failures or partial interruptions of the power supply.

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