Radiatore con sistema audio

In every moment of our lives, music has to be there, not only as soundtrack of unforgettable moments, but also as background of our daily life; this is what has motivated Hotech to create ‘55’, the first audio radiator that has ever been made.

An enigmatic object, hanging in mid-air, characterised by a light and sinuous design, and extremely neat shapes.

The 55 radiator contains – within a few-millimetres thickness – a concentration of design and technologies thoroughly optimised; in order to guarantee quick heating and high thermal performance.
As any technological object that inspires respect, this radiator has a solid body made of machined billet aluminium; its thickness fines down over its perimeter, becoming almost intangible, just like the petal of a delicate flower.

To enrich the hi-tech equipment of the modern 55 radiator, there is a powerful speaker featuring the wireless Bluetooth connection protocol that guarantees high definition in audio playing: crystalline sound and powerful bass levels.

You only need a smartphone, a tablet or a PC for the connection, without having to use any cable or Internet, thus enabling the radiator to play your favourite music, as well as phone calls, alarms and voice notes.

The outline of the precise personality of this design radiator is traced by a light ring surrounding the speaker, with its primordial shape lighting up every time that a device is connected to it.

Style, light and sound: the winning formula developed by Hotech to produce the first radiator in the market that looks onto the ‘smart’ universe; an interconnected world that is becoming more and more user friendly and at the service of people.

With 55, this is the first time that the heater is no longer a purely and typically ‘winter’ object, but rather an essential piece of furniture to be flaunted and enjoyed all year through at any time of the day and in any room of the house.

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